The Best of Tignes for Your Ability

Espace Killy Piste Map - Tignes & Val d'Isère

We have tried and tested every piste in Tignes, so you can be sure to go to the right area for your ability and so that you know which areas are the best of Tignes for skiing or snowboarding!

First Timers

If it’s your first time skiing or you want to practice a bit before you jump onto the green and blues, there are plenty of free beginner slopes in every Tignes village!

Val Claret– Fresse is a free chairlift, giving you access to ski Prariond back down to Val claret. This wide piste is great for anyone wanting to move away from the nursery slopes but not quite ready to move to blue runs.

Le Lac– There is a magic carpet in the centre of town, where you can get use to the movement of skiing or snowboarding. If you need something a bit steeper and want to have a go on a chairlift, take Rosset up. Rosset is a great stepping stone if you’ve never been on a chairlift and you are looking for a slightly steeper run to the ones next to the magic carpet.

Lavachet– This is a popular area for complete beginners skiers or boarders. A wide run with a button lift.

Les Brévières– On the left of the piste is the beginners section with a button lift. Offering a wide piste and good level of steepness.

Les Boisses– If you don’t get on well with button lifts, there is a magic carpet in this village. The run isn’t too long but the magic carpet will get you back up there quickly! If you are staying in Les Brévières you can get the free passenger lift up.

Fancy a pit stop to refuel? Here are a list of great restaurants in the area.

L’Escale Blanche – Enjoy traditional Savoyarde food, pizzas and salads in the heart of Tignes le Lac.

La Sachette – Enjoy hearty french food and pizzas in Tignes les Brévières.

Oh La Vache – Delicious pizzas, burgers and Sayorde classics in Val Claret. Head over to the bottom of Tuffs chairlift on your piste map.

The Best of Tignes - the perfect photo opportunity!

La Grande Motte

Ski Map for La Grande Motte - Tignes

The glacier only comprises of red pistes, unfortunately restricting any beginners from the highest point of skiing in the Espace Killy. This area is great for both skiers and snowboarders, but snowboarders beware if you want to stay around that area you will have to be comfortable with T bars!

Beginners to Intermediate: The highest point of the area that works well for beginners to intermediate is, if you take the funicular and proceed down Genepy. This descent, bringing you down to Val Claret is a lovely long run that could potentially test you with lots of ups and downs! So if it’s your first ever week of skiing and you’re feeling daring, it could be a good challenge!

Snowboarders: the blue descent down via Genepy can be quite slow, if you find you have to unbuckle often, you definitely will on this run! If you’re comfortable with reds, go down DoubleM. This long run is a favourite in Tignes, bringing the best out in your snowboarding and skiing. If you are descending from the Grande Motte via Rimaye make sure to keep your speed up!

Skiers: If you’re an experienced skier, the whole area can be your playground. Both the blue and the red descent are good fun and can challenge you in different ways!

Beginner to Intermediate Ski: **

Beginner to Intermediate Snowboard: **

Advanced Snowboard:****

Advanced Ski:*****

If you fancy a bit to eat or a drink to warm you up you can head over to Le Panoramic at the top of the funicular. Also  serving snacks and self service hot food.


Col du Palet

Col du Palet piste map - Tignes

This area of Tignes is great for all abilities and whether you are a skier or a snowboarder! It can be accessed form Tignes le Lac or Val Claret.

Beginner to Intermediate: The Grattalu run is perfect for anyone trying to work on their technique. If you are looking for a nice long run that you can just loop, head over to this part of Tignes! If you’re getting brave you can even try a little jump at the Tignes park which is both on the right and left hand side of the piste as you’re coming down. The descent back down to Val Claret can be a bit steep, especially if the conditions are icy. If you want to avoid it go towards Grande Huit chairlift, bringing you into le Lac.

Snowboarders: The entire area is great for snowboarders, the blues are long and steep enough to get enough speed to not have to unbuckle at any point. Tip, if you do go down Merles keep your speed up around the corner!

Advanced: If you’re looking for something a bit more challenging get the Col des Ves chairlift bringing you to the Guerlain Chicherit run. This run is named after 4 times world champion freeriding winner, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. However the unpisted black isn’t always open due to ensuring the conditions are safe, so make sure keep an eye out for it on tignesnet. If you take the Col du Palets button lift you can try the boarder cross, with multiple starting lanes for you and your friends.

Beginner to Intermediate ski: ****

Beginner to Intermediate snowboard:****

Advanced Snowboard:*****

Advanced Ski: *****


Aguille Percée

Aguille Percée piste map Tignes

This is a perfect route of you’re wanting to ski from Val Claret to Tignes le Lac, les Brévières or if you are wanting to visit the Eye of the Needle! From the Eye of the Needle you can descend via blue, red and black runs (please note a small section of the blue descent is red, this section isn’t challenging).

View from the top of Aiguille Percée 2748m

Beginner to Intermediate: If you are wanting to practice on a long blue run, head up to Palafour! An extremely enjoyable run from beginners to advanced skiers, and a favourite in Tignes. From Palafour you can also head back over to Val Claret by taking Merles chairlift. If you are visiting the Eye of the Needle you can descend via Corniche through to Rhododendron, giving you option to go to le Lac, Boisses or Brévières.

Snowboarders: This area is is great for advanced snowboarders. Not the best area if you are not comfortable with red runs. There is a section of Corniche where you have to gain a lot of speed to get up a certain section. To avoid that you could go down Sache, the longest black in the Espace Killy. If you are returning to le Lac from the Eye of the Needle via Petit Col, it can be very flat therefor hardworking for snowboarders. Palafour is good fun for all ability snowboarders! Beware you do have to gain quite a bit of speed if you take the blue piste to Merles.

Advanced: There are some great black runs in this area! As mentioned above, Sache is the longest black run and extremely enjoyable for any confident skier or snowboarder! If the snow is good there is also a black piste on the other side of the Eye of the needle which joins up with Palafour. Whatever your ability all blue and red runs in this area are fantastic, with more challenging ones at your doorstep.

Beginners to Intermediate Ski: ****

Beginner to Intermediate Snowboarders:***

Advanced Snowboard:****

Advanced Ski: *****

If you fancy a bit to eat or a drink to warm you up you can head over to L’Alpage Restaurant at the top of Chaudannes chairlift.

The Eye of the Needle - Aiguille Percée


Tovière piste map Tignes

The top of Tovière gives you great access if you are wanting to go to La Daille, Val d’Isère, Le Lac or Val Claret. There are fantastic long blues descending to Val Claret, or exciting and challenging blacks to Le Lac. The high speed Tovière bubble is quick and easy, and being a great access point to neighbouring resorts, making this a very popular area for skiers.

Beginner to Intermediate: The descent from the top of Tovière to Val claret via piste H (also known as Henry) is great for anyone that has just upgraded to blue pistes. The run is very wide and gentle in areas. However still enjoyable for all abilities! This run in particular can be very busy during peak times!

Snowboarders: This area is great for snowboarders, however if you are wishing to descend to Val Claret via Henry cut down the red Crocus which rejoins Henry. The section you would be missing off can be quite frustrating on a snowboard as there is a flat section that would involve gaining a lot of speed!

Advanced:  There are a choice of two blacks which allow you to descend to either Val Claret or Le Lac. Campanules is an unpisted black run which brings you to Val Claret by eventually joining up with Henri. This piste is quite difficult, you need to enjoy or at least be confident with moguls! If you’re looking for something more challenging and of course with the right equipment there are lovely off piste areas to the side of the piste. If you want to descend to Le Lac you can via Trolls black run. Begin down Henry and cut off via Crocus to Trolls. This is the best route for anyone who is trying to gain their confidence on blacks, on the right hand side of the main descend to Le Lac is slightly easier. If the pistes are busy try going down the red run Crêtes which will eventually join you to Trolls.

Beginner to Intermediate Ski: ****

Beginner to Intermediate Snowboard:****

Advanced Ski: *****

Advanced Snowboard: *****

In the middle of the Espace Killy - Tignes & Val d'Isère

Tignes 1800 and Les Brévières

Tignes 1800 and Brévières piste map

If you are wanting to go to Les Brévières or Les Boisses you can descend via a blue or a red run. If you are wanting to go by taking the longest black run in the Espace Killy, you can descend to les Brévières. Wether you are staying in these towns or visiting, there are multiple routes to suit all abilities!

Beginners to Intermediate: To descend to les Brévières from either Chaudannes chairlift or Corniche you would proceed to Rhododendron. The long blue run which brings you down to the town is also known as the ‘summer road’ and ensures you can work on your skills before heading back to the chalet! It’s quite gentle, if you find it too easy then there are a couple of sections which allow you to join the red run.

Snowboarders: The blue run down to les Brévières is steep enough to not have to unbuckle, however there are parts that if you fell over you might have to try and shuffle a bit before getting speed. If you are comfortable with reds or blacks, go for it!

Advanced: The Sache black is a definite must when visiting the Espace Killy! It’s a lovely long run with many sections that are either a breeze or quite challenging. If not head down the red Chardons/Pavots which is also considered quite a challenging red run.

Beginner to Intermediate Ski: ***

Beginner to Intermediate Snowboard:***

Advanced Ski: *****

Advanced Snowboard: *****

If you’re in Les Brévières and you’re slightly peckish, try La Sachette. Enjoy hearty french food and delicious pizzas.

View over Tignes les Brévières

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