Cruise the Blues in Tignes – A Route for the Intermediate Skier or Snowboarder

Tignes offers a fantastic playground for all ability skiers and snowboarders. You can cruise the blues all day or try the many exciting and challenging blacks. Whatever your ability there is a fantastic opportunity to grow and develop your skills in Tignes. Below is a rough guide for any intermediate skier or snowboarder wanting to tick off the best blue runs in Tignes before you head back home. We have planned you a route, lunch recommendations and even where is best to take pictures that will guarantee to make any mountain lover jealous!

Step 1 – Grab yourself a piste map!

Tignes piste map

Morning – AM

After you’ve prepared yourself for the busy day ahead and done a few stretches, head over to Tovière gondola in Tignes le Lac. Once you’re at the top try and spot Mont Blanc. You can also take advantage of the free cameras, just scan your ski pass and follow the instructions on the poster – there are two photo points one with the Grande Motte in the background (see below) and one with Mont Blanc in the background.

Free photo stop - Grande Motte in the background

Step 2 – Visit the Grande Motte

With your surroundings firmly snapped you can make your way down Henri, this is a lovely, wide long run, perfect for anyone transitioning to blues. Eventually reaching Val Claret hop on the Funicular towards the Grande Motte. Unfortunately if you’re not quite ready for red runs the top of the funicular is the closest you can get to skiing the Grande Motte. However it is definitely worth getting the Grande Motte gondola up and having a look at the breathtaking views (non-skiers can also take the funicular and gondola to visit the Grande Motte). When you’re ready, take the gondola back down.

View from the Grande Motte

Once you’ve fully absorbed your beautiful surroundings, head over to Génépy. This run is very long and can be slightly challenging with lots of hilly ups and downs. If you are a snowboarder  you might find you have to unbuckle a few times, if you are okay with red runs, try going down DoubleM. Bringing you back down to Val Claret make your ways towards Tichot chairlift. From the top of Tichot ski towards the Grattalu lift, on the left of it you’ll see a button lift called Col du Palet, on your way up spot the impressive skiers and snowboarders in the park! Once you’ve reached the top you can either ski down Signal or if you fancy something a bit different have a go at the boarder cross.

Step 3 – Try Tignes Boarder Cross

You should have arrived back near Grattalu, take the chairlift up. You might want to go back on yourself if you fancy going down Grattalu, but it’s worth it! The wide blue is a favourite in Tignes and also gives you the opportunity to try something in the beginners park! If you don’t fancy it, turn left once you’re off the chairlift then continue to bear left towards the blue run Lac, rather than following the chairlift you were on. You’ll get to a chairlift called Grand Huit, take that up which will allow you to descend down to Palafour. This is a must for all abilities, if you enjoyed it, it’s worth doing Palafour a couple of times! Palafour does seem to bring the best out of people’s skiing and snowboarding. If you do take Palafour back up, make sure to look behind you at Val Claret and Le Lac while you’re on the chairlift, be careful not to drop your camera!

View of Tignes le Lac with Val Claret in the distance

Where to eat?

After that busy morning you might be a bit hungry!

L’Escale Blanche– Offering traditional french cuisine as well as delicious pizzas and pastas. The restaurant has a large sun terrace with great views of the village. The white building is located at the bottom of Palafour, next to the Maison de Tignes.

Tignes Cuisine– Serving delicious and good value noodles and wraps. there is only seating outside so maybe wise to choose to visit on a sunny day! Located at the end of the high street nearest to Trolls in Le lac, next door to Loop bar.

Lo Soli– If you fancy having lunch with a view, and on route take Chaudanne lift up and you’ll see a restaurant with a large terrace. Serving delicious french cuisine with great trip advisor reviews to match!

Afternoon – PM

Hopefully you haven’t had too much wine at lunch and you’re ready to continue the route! Proceed by taking Chaudannes chairlift, if you did have lunch in Le Lac you can get there by taking the beginner slope on the right of the Maison de Tignes, bear left and ski under the bridge. Take Chaudanne chairlift up, once you’re off bear right towards Rhododendron. The continuous long blue run down to les Brévières is a fantastic way of reaching the oldest village in Tignes. If you think you might be ready to transition onto red runs you can cut off to red Pavot on your descent, this particular part of the red could be good for anyone trying this level for the first time, it isn’t very long but gives you a good taste of what red runs are like.

Once you’ve finally arrived in Tignes les Brévières, chill out by having a vin chaud and a delicious crêpe at La Bouida, you deserve it! If you are not staying in Les Brévières it’s definitely worth having a walk around the traditional mountain village. With it’s original farm buildings and church, it’s worth a few pictures!

You can head straight over to Le Lac by going on the Sache Gondola followed by Aguille Rouge, from here you can descend into le Lac. Take Tovière bubble to go to Val d’Isère.

Tignes les Brévières

We hope you have a great day, enjoy and stay safe! Please make sure you do this route at your pace to match your ability. It’s great to push yourself but please be aware of your limit.

Tip: Download Ski Tracks app before setting off, it will track your entire day with the runs you did, top speed and distance!  Or see our Top 10 Apps for your ski holiday!

We would love to know how you got on, send us an email with some snaps to


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