A Jam Packed Day in Tignes – A Ski Route for the Advanced Skier or Snowboarder…

If you are a confident and experienced skier or snowboarder, and you’re wanting to do all the best bits of Tignes, we’ve got you covered with this ski route! From years of experience, we’ve found the best runs in Tignes that you need to tick off your list before you head back home! Below is a rough guide to ensure you feel like you’ve made the most out of your trip in Tignes, we’ve planned you a route, where to eat and of course where to take those beautiful pictures to ensure your friends are green with envy! Make sure you eat plenty of breakfast because you’ve got a busy day planned!

The route is designed to do at your own pace! If you like a particular run and fancy doing it again, go for it! If you don’t want to do a certain run or perhaps it isn’t open at the time, have a look at the piste map as there is usually an alternative that will get you to the same point!

Step 1 – Ski Route – Grab yourself a Tignes piste map

Tignes piste map - ski route

Step 2 – Make sure you have plenty of battery, you’ll want to take lots of photos!

After your delicious chalet breakfast, head over to Val Claret and take the funicular. If you need a coffee before the day we have planned for you, grab one from Le Panoramic restaurant as you come out of the funicular. Look out for the glacier where you will be heading by taking the Grande Motte gondola. From the gondola try to spot the many impressive crevasses, on that note, stick to the pistes when you’re on the glacier, off piste is extremely dangerous in this area! Reaching an impressive 3,456 metres, it is the highest point of skiing in the Espace Killy. Make sure your camera battery is fully charged, as the view is truly breath-taking! When you’re ready to go, take the red run down to meet Rimaye blue run, eventually joining Double M.

Tignes Grande Motte

Descend down to Val Claret via the run Double M. On a blue bird morning, this long run is beautiful and with the right conditions of course, will bring the best out of your skiing. Once you’ve reached the bottom, make your way to Tichot chairlift followed by Gratalu. Once you’ve reached this point you probably would have spotted Tignes snow park on your way up, head down this run if you fancy trying a new trick and challenging yourself at the snow park, if not once you get off the lift bear right down the red le Mur then Merles and descend towards Grand Huit chairlift. While you’re on this chairlift enjoy the views of the chardonnay bowl. Once you’re off the chairlift, proceed down Perce-neige, eventually bringing you down to Palafour in Tignes le Lac. Hungry? Stop for lunch at L’Escale Blanche and take advantage of their huge sun terrace and delicious menu.

Step 3 – Stretch those legs!

Now that you’ve been refuelled, you’re probably ready for Trolls. Get Tovière gondola up, once getting out of the station, take advantage of the free cameras at the top, just scan your ski pass and visit their website to claim your photo. Look towards Tignes le Lac, from this point you can take in the impressive views of Mont Blanc.

Once you’ve taken your pictures head towards Trolls via the run directly on the right of the top of Tommeuse chair lift. If you are looking to push yourself to black runs, Trolls is considered the most ‘friendly’, once Tignes le Lac is within reach, bear right towards the beginner’s area in Lavachet, you will be wanting to get Chaudannes lift. From the top of Chaudannes bear right down Rhododrendon. Once you see the building for the Sache gondola ahead, you will see two chairlifts to the right, head to Marais. This is long chairlift which will bring you to the famous eye of the needle (also a great picture opportunity). The eye of the needle is an impressive rock formation, with a large central hole, you won’t be able to miss it! If didn’t stop for lunch in Tignes and brought your own picnic – this is a great place to stop – climb through the needle and enjoy the view form the other side. Make sure to climb back through if you want to continue the journey!

Step 4 – Ski the Longest Black in the Espace Killy down to Tignes les Brévières

Make your way down the blue run Corniche, bear left to join Sache, the longest black run in the Espace Killy reaching a huge 10km. For any confident, experienced skier this exhilarating run is for you! Extremely enjoyable and the views that accompany it couldn’t get any better! There are plenty of lovely pictures to take of the surrounding untouched mountains! Continue down Sache where it will meet the red run Pavots down to Les Brévières. Tignes les Brévières has maintained it’s alpine and traditional style making it the most picturesque out of all Tignes’ villages. With its original church and old farm buildings it truly is a picture-perfect town, especially when it snows! Before exploring have a crêpe and a vin chaud at La Boudia to give yourself a pat on the back.

We hope you have a great day, enjoy and stay safe!

Tip: Download Ski Tracks app before setting off, it will track your entire day with the runs you did, top speed and distance!

We would love to know how you got on, send us an email with some snaps to ski@skibonjour.com.

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