Top 5 Ski Runs in the Espace Killy; chosen by our Ski Bonjour Seasonnaires

Our seasonnaires know the Espace Killy like the back of their hand, having spent months skiing the area. So who better to turn to for advice, we asked them what they think are the top 5 ski runs in the Espace Killy and why. They have tried and tested every piste and are willing to pass on their wisdom to ensure you can make the most out of your ski experience in Tignes and Val d’Isère.

Tignes les Brévières - Espace Killy




Sophie - Top Ski Runs in Espace Killy

Ski Bonjour Seasonnaire: 2016-17 and returning for 2017-18

Location: based in Tignes les Brévières and will be in Tignes le Lac

Preference on the mountain: Skier

St Jacques (Solaise, Val d’Isère) – This whole area of blue runs are really wide and have a gentle gradient which means you can take in your surroundings. Often you’re so fixated on your run that you don’t even take in where you are, but that ski run just asks you to stop and have a look around. Definitely worth taking a camera out for the long views down the valley.

Germain Mattis (Solaise, Val d’Isère) – A long red run that brings you straight through the trees in between Val d’Isère and Le Fornet. The run starts off quite calm, then gradually becomes harder. You can get quite big turns in through the forest, and it’s always nice to see the trees and have a slight change of scenery.

Top of Grande Motte to Val Claret (Val Claret, Tignes) – Largely because it’s the only run I consistently beat my partner down. It relies more on stamina than speed to get down the quickest and is extremely rewarding when you realise how far you’ve gone.

Trolles (Le Lac, Tignes) – It looks so intimidating and inviting when you’re in Le Lac, you can’t avoid it. It just sort of stares at you all the time until you pluck up the courage to face it.

Cyclamen (Aguille Percée, Tignes) –  I just found it a very fun run. It’s very criss-crossy and always seems to have good snow on it. It’s steep too, so you can really get some speed up, it is a good one to race each other down to Le Lac.




Josh - Top Ski Runs in the Espace Killy

Ski Bonjour Seasonnaire: 2015-16 and 2016-17

Location: based in Tignes les Brévières

Preference on the mountain: Skier

Double M (Val Claret, Tignes) – This run is really wide and long so you can go really quick. I use to ski to the area a lot just to go down this run, it never got old. There is also little sections that you can go off piste and enjoy the powder if it’s recently snowed.

Sache (Les Brévières, Tignes) – It’s a very challenging black with parts that are less intense. What I really love about it is there are a few areas where you are completely on your own and you don’t feel like you’re in a ski resort, as you can’t see any other lifts and the piste is never busy.

Face de Bellevarde (Val d’Isere) – Really challenging because it is very steep the majority of the time. The weather can transform the run into something playful and fun to something really challenging and skill testing. It’s always rewarding when you can finish it off by a bit of après in Coco Rico.

Grand Pré (Rocher du Charvet, Val d’Isère) – Really wide and gentle piste great if you want a more relaxing day. The corners are really wide so you can get some nice carving in.

Creux (Tovière, Tignes) – It’s a great run to start you off for the day and get you motivated to ski. It’s nice and wide, and steep enough to get some good speed. If you continue towards La Daille it does become quite a long run and a way of getting into Val d’Isère from Tignes as you can get the Funival from La Daille.




Harry - Top Ski Runs in the Espace KillySki Bonjour Seasonnaire: 2015-16 and 2016-17

Location: based in Tignes le Lac and Val d’Isère

Preference on the mountain: Skier

Face de Bellevarde (Val d’Isere) – It is good fun and very challenging. It’s a great run if you want to blow off some steam and go really quick.

Double M (Val Claret, Tignes) – I love this run because it is so long. By taking the funicular you can very quickly be at the top and then ski for a long time before having to get another lift.

Hidden Valley (La Daille, Val d’Isère)  – I first wanted to do this run when I saw Leo Taillefer win GoPro line of the winter. It’s definitely not for the faint hearted and a really good off piste challenge. You do have to choose wisely and do a bit of research for when is best and safest to go!

Sache (Les Brévières) – Really long black run into les Brévières. Very different from a lot of blacks as there are some areas that are quite calm and others very steep.

Palafour (Tignes le Lac ) – This run has some really nice features to get playful and try new tricks. It also has a great off piste section so it can challenge all skier abilities.




Jenny - Top Ski Runs in the Espace KillySki Bonjour Seasonnaire: 2015-16 and 2016-17

Location: based in Tignes le Lac and Tignes les Brévières

Preference on the mountain: Snowboarder

Grand Pré (Rocher du Charvet, Val d’Isère) – This run is really enjoyable for all abilities. The view once you get off the chair lift is breath-taking, perfect if you’ve grabbed lunch to go and you want to find somewhere pretty to have it! If it’s a blue bird day after it’s snowed it’s the first place I head to, the section underneath the chair lift offers really fun off-piste.

Palafour (Tignes le Lac) – This piste in definitely a favourite in Tignes. Again, this run offer great off piste but on-piste is just as fun. It’s a reliable run and always enjoyable!

Grattalu (Col du Palet, Tignes) – This run is great if you’re wanting to try out the park and constantly loop. You can really get some speed, even if it’s busy the run is very wide so you usually still have a good amount of space to yourself.

Pramecou/Guerlain Chicherit (Col du Palet, Tignes) – Not always open as the Guerlin Chicherit part of the run is un-pisted so they have to make sure the conditions are safe. When it is open it’s a great way of experiencing off-piste in a more controlled environment and it’s generally a great challenge!

Moraine (Fornet) – After a big dump of snow this run is really nice! It can take a while to get to it but once you do you realise how big the resort actually is! The run has great on-piste and off-piste opportunities with just the right steepness to ensure you can go quick and work on your technique.




Ally - Top Ski Runs in the Espace KillySki Bonjour Seasonnaire: 2014-15 and 2016-17

Location: based in Tignes les Brévières and Val d’Isère

Preference on the mountain: Skier

Face de Bellevarde (Val d’Isère) – Fun to go from top to bottom and has lots of opportunities to try and do some jumps. Best conditions are definitely in the morning!

Sache (Les Brévières, Tignes)– Long black with winding parts through the trees and the occasional steep part, fairly untouched. Also has the off-piste Valon de Sache just off the side of it.

OK/Orange (Val d’Isère)– Starts off as a red and then you can decide on whatever route you take back to the bottom of the funicular. Could lap top to bottom of the funicular all day and take different routes every time. Also have La Daille trees for a taste of off piste tree skiing that isn’t too steep/challenging.

Top of Grand Motte to Val Claret (Tignes)– Not so much a singular run but a great one from going from the top of the resort with no chair lift stops. Start all the way at the top of the glacier so you get the views and end in Val Claret ready for lunch.

Grand Pré (Rocher du Charvet, Val d’Isère)– Not my favourite run per say but was one of my favourite areas to take guests when I was a ski guide with Ski Bonjour. Amazing views from the top of the chair lift and has a bit of everything for everyone. People wanting to try off-piste can by following the route underneath the chair lift, green runs for beginners, ski-cross for those who want to race each other and access to the  national park for hard core off pisters.




Elle - Top Ski Runs in the Espace KillySki Bonjour Seasonnaire: 2015-16

Location: based in Tignes les Brévières 

Preference on the mountain: Snowboarder

Face de Bellevard (Val d’Isère) – I really enjoy the journey from Tignes to Face. The run starts off quite calm , it’s steepness seems to be gradual and then towards the end I like the challenge! It’s always got the stigma as one of the hardest blacks in resort so it’s always an achievement to tackle it. 
Diebold (La Daille, Val d’Isère) – During this run there are loads of opportunities to join on to other pistes that may be harder or easier. There are also La Daille tree runs which are great fun after it’s snowed!
Plan/PisteM (Solaise, Val d’Isère) – The first section is quite steep and the corners can be a bit sharp but it made me think about my technique which I liked. You could also join Piste S which is an unpisted black, that is always good fun and a good challenge.
Plan Milet (Solaise, Val d’Isère)– This general area has really nice blues that are wide and the perfect steepness to get a bit of speed. If you want to stick to blues you can stay around this area for a while, trying a different blue run each time. If you want to go to Fornet after you can just jump onto the Leissieres chair lift which is also know as the ‘Up and Over’ lift.
Corniche down to Le Lac or Les Brévières (Tignes)– This run is really really long, I would head up that way if I wanted to avoid getting a chairlift for a while and just wanted to board! You can choose to go to Le Lac or Les Brévières, either way you can get a good amount of skiing or boarding in before having to take a lift. This area was much quieter in peak weeks so it was good to escape and get most of the piste to myself . 





Espace Killy Piste Map - Val d'Isère & Tignes

Please ensure that if you are wanting to try these off-piste recommendations that you have the right equipment and have done your research on the area and checked out the weather!

We would love to know what you think are the best 5 ski runs in the Espace Killy, email us at!  If you fancy working a season with Ski Bonjour you can see our ‘Working with Ski Bonjour‘ page which includes job descriptions and how to apply.


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